When hackers hack hackers

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Pic Source: Unsplash

The common image of hackers is that of computer experts who develop and spread malware as anonymous lone perpetrators. But even among cybercriminals, the rule is: why reinvent the wheel unnecessarily? And so many in this illegal trade, work with tools they did not develop themselves.

A group of hackers has now taken advantage of this fact. They provided other hackers with common cybercrime tools, but in turn they had hidden a Trojan in them. The remote access Trojan (RAT) called “njRat” was discovered by the cybersecurity experts at Cyberreason.

But anyone who now thinks that the hackers are fighting each other and thus leaving their victims alone is mistaken. Because the goal remains to illegally penetrate IT systems of companies and private individuals. The only difference: the criminal who introduces the malware has nothing to gain in the end, because once inside, the hacker who provided him with the malware takes control. Unfortunately, this changes nothing for the victim: hackers now have access to his or her computer, can steal sensitive data and infiltrate and use further malware.

You can find the full report by Cyberreason here.