Crime scene cyberspace: 4 reasons why the Internet is so attractive for criminals

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Cyber criminals fish for sensitive company data or paralyze computer systems of entire companies in order to blackmail them. But what exactly makes the Internet such an interesting crime scene?

1. high reach – hacking a company on the other side of the world.

The radius of action on the Internet is enormous. Data is transferred to distant countries in the shortest possible time without being stopped at borders. Systems can be controlled and changed from the other end of the world. It is precisely this advantage that criminals use to safely attack attractive targets worldwide and evade law enforcement for as long as possible.

2. low cost – learn from the experts in the darknet

There is no regulation of access to cyberspace in most countries. Many people have the opportunity to navigate the virtual world via computer or cell phone comparatively easily and inexpensively. On the darknet, there are numerous instructions on how to penetrate foreign computer systems. Alternatively, professional hackers can be hired. This involves much less effort and risk than personally breaking into a company.

3. simple concealment – disguise your own identity

It is extremely difficult to impossible to trace actions on the Internet back to their originator if the latter takes appropriate precautions. The identities of the perpetrators are easy to disguise and some actions are difficult to classify. This advantage is favored by low resources and lack of junior staff in the cyber units of law enforcement agencies.

4. growing dependency – companies are at a loss without the Internet

A further point is the great dependence of business on cyberspace. We have evolved into a digital society whose communication, processes, control, information and system depend significantly on the smooth functioning of information technology devices. Hardly any information in computer systems is not connected to the Internet through some detours. This makes us vulnerable to blackmail, and with inadequate security precautions, cybercriminals have an easy game.