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Reputable cloud providers such as DATEV offer companies, law firms and self-employed individuals very high security standards. This makes it all the more important to pay attention to cyber security when using these cloud solutions – so as not to create any vulnerable openings.

A common security gap: Access to your cloud solution.

What’s true for all systems is also true for clouds: they are only as secure as their weakest link. Because of the high security standards of reputable cloud providers, the people and companies that use them are usually the biggest potential vulnerability.

But: If you are aware of this, you can minimize many security risks. Above all, it is important to protect the access data to your cloud solution. After all, logging in with the correct access data is hardly recognizable as an attack or misuse for cloud providers.

Important specific measures

  • Secure, unique passwords. The harder a password is to guess or calculate, the better. Passwords that are used multiple times become a risk as soon as one of the application the password is used for is hacked and the captured access data circulates on the darknet. Therefore, give your cloud access an individual, complex password.
  • Two-factor authentication. If it is offered, use it. However, be careful not to allow a permanent connection. Because if someone spies your password, a permanent connection is not a protective second factor.
  • Lock accesses that are not used. Delete cloud accesses that are no longer needed. For example, after someone has changed departments or companies.
  • Lock the screen when leaving the workplace. This is a small precaution that can make a big difference and quickly become a habit. Practice it consciously, even if you are currently working from home. A nice side effect in the home office: when the screen lock is active, toddlers and pets can play with the keyboard without causing any major damage.
  • General measure: Increase your cyber security

Many general measures to increase your cyber security also indirectly increase the security of your cloud solution. After all, the higher the general cyber security of your company, the lower the risk that cyber criminals can spy on your cloud access data.

Cyber security has many aspects – technical, people-related and organizational. Using guidelines or with the help of a service provider like Perseus, you can specifically increase your company’s cyber security. In addition to the security of your cloud solution, this also increases your protection against data loss and ransomware, among other things.

Four important actions to increase your cyber security

  1. Optimize your protection against phishing attacks. The legitimate-looking phishing emails with their malware attachments are widespread. They can contain, for example, so-called keyloggers – software that cybercriminals can use to log your keystrokes and thus extract your passwords. Your best defense is to have employees who are aware of these issues and who consciously look twice at e-mails, even in the hectic workday.
  2. Pay attention to updates. Keep your entire system up to date, from the browser to the server. Many updates close newly discovered security gaps. Install them as soon as possible or enable automatic installation of updates.
  3. Be careful with third-party and private devices. Your smartphone, your colleague’s fitness tracker, your colleague’s USB stick – any device can contain malware. After contact with the company wifi or after connecting to a company computer, these malware programs can spread in the company network. Define rules on how to deal with this risk, e.g., separate networks, virus scanners, firewalls, etc.
  4. Increase cyber awareness in the company. Employees with trained cyber security awareness are an irreplaceable protection factor. They can make attacks such as phishing emails, CEO fraud and fraudulent support calls go nowhere. In the event of successful attacks via other channels, they can respond wisely to minimize or even avert damage. Perseus offers a sustainable cyber awareness training program that can be easily integrated into everyday work. However, any measure taken on one’s own initiative also contributes to increasing cyber security.

Special service for members of the auditing and tax consulting professions

In the field of auditing and tax consulting, you work with highly sensitive data on a daily basis. Perseus provides you with targeted information on which cyber risks you should pay attention to – and is happy to support you in increasing your cyber security.