The second edition of the Cyber Morning

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Cyber attacks now account for the greatest global business risk. To defend themselves against this growing threat, companies can protect their IT security with technical measures, but employees still remain the biggest gateway and risk to a company’s IT security. They must be made aware of possible threat scenarios, because every single employee can theoretically become a victim of a phishing or social engineering attack if they lack awareness of cyberattacks.

But how do companies create sustainable and holistic cyber awareness? Many rely on awareness programs that are designed to sensitize employees to cyber risks and attack patterns of hackers in the long term. The speakers at the Cyber Morning will discuss how cyber awareness can be a real guarantee of success and what challenges need to be overcome along the way. The event takes place on March 25th, 2021 from 9 till 12 am.

What you always wanted to know about Cyber Awareness

Prof. Dr. phil Despina Lion, for example, explains why employees respond to phishing emails and what companies can do to raise awareness for cyber security among their workforce.

Anne Lahner shows how employees can ultimately become a real human firewall for companies. The Managing Director of Strong Minds 10 draws on her many years of experience in the field of security awareness and IT security. She makes it clear that only sustainable and long-term programs have a positive effect on the behavior of employees. In addition, she explains what role motivation plays in this process and whether gamification is really the panacea par excellence.

Creating cyber awareness within an organization also affects other phases of a potential cyberattack. Together with Jens Hinrich Weber, member of the Cyber Project Group at GDV and Dr. Michael Littger, Managing Director at DsiN, Miroslav Mitrovic, Head of Sales at Perseus, discusses the impact of cyber awareness on the cyber prevention and incident management/cyber emergency response areas.

There is not one concept for Cyber Awareness 

But there is no one blueprint for cyber awareness. What works for one company may not work for another – the right strategy depends on a number of factors: first and foremost, an organization’s values, guidelines and IT structure. This also has implications for how cyber awareness is properly communicated. Anne Lahner will provide information on this and address the most important factors.

Last but certainly not least, Marie-Luise Klose and Tatjana Winter, founders of the Berlin-based start-up Talentlabor, will provide valuable tips on how companies and organizations can enable their employees to work together productively and interactively in the age of Corona – and, of course, with cyber and data security in mind.

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