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Perseus invites you to the first edition of the web conference “Cyber Morning” – “The cyber security situation is currently tense at a very high level”. This drastic statement by Arne Schönbohm, President of the Federal Office for Information Security, has also alarmed us. On the occasion of this growing threat and the European Cyber Security Month, Perseus is organizing the web conference “Cyber Morning”.

How threatened is my company really? 

What should I do if my company has been the victim of a cyber attack? What impact does Corona have on cyber security and how can I best protect myself in the home office? These questions and more are on the minds of businesses in these uncertain times. In order to be able to provide answers, Perseus has invited experts to participate in the online event “Cyber Morning” and provide interesting insights into the topics of cybercrime, cyberattacks, data protection, insurance, etc. with presentations, a live demo and a panel.

Cybercrime: The current situation

Peter Vahrenhorst, Chief Inspector of Criminal Investigation at the LKA NRW, will talk about the current situation with regard to cybercrime and explicitly address the influence of advancing digitalization.

Data protection expert, Dr. Carlo Piltz, will provide important information on the obligations of a company after it has become a victim of a cyber attack and sensitive data has allegedly been compromised. In his keynote speech, he explains who companies must inform, when a report is necessary and what the consequences can be if these measures are not complied with.

Panel: Why cyber insurance is almost indispensable

But data protection is only one of the issues companies have to deal with after a cyber attack.  In a panel, Sebastian Klapper, Managing Director of FINLEX GmbH, Julian Krautwald, Head of Incident Management at Perseus and Katja Eicher, Auditor at VDS Schadenverhütung, will discuss what other consequences are imminent, but also how to prevent cyber attacks. The experts also discuss the most common vulnerabilities in companies and why cyber insurance is almost indispensable these days.

Home office vulnerabilities and cyber risks 2021

Finally, we look to the future. Due to the Corona pandemic, remote work and home office have become integrated into the German work routine. In a post-Corona era, these concepts will continue to endure. Stratos Komotoglou from Microsoft Germany explains which security gaps explicitly arise in the home office and how companies and their employees can protect themselves in order to be able to guarantee a high cyber security standard. In addition, Silvana Rößler (networker, solutions GmbH) already focuses on the next year and gives an insight into the cyber risk landscape in 2021.