Summer, Sun, Perseus

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Perseus insights: Perfect weather, impressive art and a great atmosphere – the team day and evening summer party at Perseus.

Hackers, Trojans and cybercriminals can make everyday life look pretty grim! In sunny weather, the entire Perseus team, from the developers to the sales team, gathered for a creative team day. The day began as every day should – with plenty of pizza. After the nutritious refreshment, it was time for the workshop rounds, which were held under the motto “New Work”:  Brainstorming took place in colourfully mixed teams, which ultimately also formed the basis for the second part of the afternoon.

Under the guidance of the artist Götz Friedewald, the workshop results were to be combined with the Perseus logo on a canvas and in acrylic paints. Some of the participants were able to show off their artistic talent while drawing, but some of them might have to admit that their strengths lie more in cyber security… Nevertheless, the result is impressive and is now part of the Perseus office.

After everyone had demonstrated their artistic talents, the evening moved on to the cozy part and the Perseus summer party above the roofs of Berlin could begin. After a speech of thanks by the Managing Director Richard Renner, the Perseus family barbecue was opened.

Conclusion: Despite the many dangers posed by cyber criminals, cyber security is a broad and creative field.